2015-2019 Design Academy Eindhoven, Food non Food Department 

      ↳2017 Radical Ecologies minor, design research  

      ↳2017 Sexy Skins Business, workshop by Raw Colour

       ↳2016 Eat Me, Workshop by Firma Vruchtvlees (Tom Loois & Sanne Muiser

2018 Permaculture Workshop on Phytoremediation in Bologna

2011-2015 SintLucas Boxtel, Stand, Stage and Interior Design

    ↳ 2015 Drawing, Painting and Graphics course, Florence Husen

    ↳ 2015 Modern Art History course, Marike van der Knaap

2007-2011 Hooghuis Ravenstein


2021-NOW    Radium Boulders Maastricht

2021-NOW    Limbio, Biomarket Maastricht

2020-NOW    Restaurant Bijzonder, Waitress / Barista

2019-2020   Foodlab at Jan Van Eyck Maastricht

2018-2019   Panem et Circenses, Design Intern 

2017-2018   Ketelhuis Eindhoven, Waitress

2017          Building An Off Grid Eco-Village in Portugal, Volunteer

2017          Retro Fondue Eindhoven, Waitress

2016          Eggchange Marije Vogelzang, Host at Dutch Design Week

2013-2014    rENs, Design Intern

2014          BuroJET & Jorine Oosterhoff, Design Intern

2009-2015   Orient Garden, Waitress


2021      Illustration for Creatures Mag's issue on consumption

2020      Publication of Eat The Invasive in Form Magazine

2019      G19 Dutch Design Week

2019      Eat The Invasive, Mold Magazine

2019      Continuous Ginger Network, Workshop designed for Agricola Cacca Bologna

2018      Dimensionair, Mediamatic Amsterdam

2018      Translation Alteration,  Salt Galata Istanbul  (Lucas Maassen, Marije Vogelzang, Jos Klarenbeek)

2018      Art/Science Cross-pollination: Design Academy meets WUR, collaboration PHD students Wageningen University and Research

2017      Presentation at Unbox Festival Bangalore, hosted by Quicksand & STBY

2016      Eat Me, Food Experience during Dutch Design Week




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