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The act of eating and sex may be the only actions that evoke all senses simultaneously. Next to that you both allow it to resonate within you to evoke satisfaction and physical reaction.

These actions that for -almost- everyone are part of daily life, became one during Dutch Design Week 2016. A loft in the  Strijp-S area got turned into a multi sensorial eating experience trough different stadia of food and intimacy.

Eat Me is a collaborative project of 9 Food Non Food students on the relation between food and intimacy and it's translations into performative acts. ''Something that seems dirty can suddenly turn tasty during sex.''

A workshop by Firma Vruchtvlees.

Published by Design Academy Eindhoven

On show at Dutch Design Week 2016

DDW 2016-0765.JPG
DDW 2016-0109.JPG
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