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Product placement is progressively involved in new media such as for example film or vlogs and it can be considered concerning how we are continuously yet unconsciously influenced by it. Considering that Albert Heijn is the biggest supermarket in The Netherlands and is well implemented in the Dutch society with their shades of blue, logo,  plastic bags and the jacket as embodiments of their brand, I conclude that we see it at many places surrounding us.

Until what extend do we recognise a brand even though it is actually not the brand itself? And if so, can this be taken a step further and become legal ‘unmentioned’ product placement without infringing copyright laws? What if a brand can produce clothing that make you think of Albert Heijn when for example watching the news? Do we want companies to buy into  a world of unconscious commerce without infringing copyright laws? This project is a research into these questions trough material studies.

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